The Connection are a band from Portsmouth, NH. Four Rock N Roll veterans (of The Guts/The Queers/Rydells/Red Invasion/Jonee Earthquake Band) have combined to form your new favorite band!
We play stripped down ’60s influenced Rock N Roll!  The Connection are out to make music FUN again!

6 Comments on “Biography”

  1. Cool music, and great to hear that rock n roll spirit again! Best regards, Martin ( The Shakers bass player, resident merseybeat band at The Cavern Club, Liverpool)

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi, just wanted to tell you guys that you’re my new favorite band 🙂 It was by coincidence I stumbled upon your band, but it only took me half an hour before I had downloaded your EP and bought your CD via bandcamp. Anyways, if you guys ever come to Denmark and want a similar band as warm-up, go check out The Lingertones (


  3. Thomas says:

    Yeah, I’ve known Kasper (Panther Booking) for 15 years. I saw one of his status updates on Facebook, and that’s how I discovered your band. We’ve actually played together in another band called The Hitchcocks in which I played drums.

    The Lingertones is a relatively new band, and we haven’t gotten around to record anything proper yet (the songs that are online are just demo songs), but we’re in the midst of recording new material, so stay tuned for that. We’d love to do a show or a tour with you guys as the warm-up act. I spoke to Kasper yesterday, and he had thought about this too if you ever happened to stop by these parts of the world 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the Christmas songs!


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